Facial at the Palmyra Day Spa
Facials at the Rondebosch Beauty Spa

Only Dermalogica skin care products are used in our facials and we include a free face mapping and massage during your facial treatment.
Age SmartR695
Counteract the ageing process with a proven effective facial that replenishes the skin while combating the ageing signs. This luxurious treatment improves elasticity and texture,improving the skins oxygenation and suppleness while reducing signs of ageing!
Ultra CalmingR650
Sensitive skin treatment using environment control system for repairing and soothing sensitized or stressed skin. This treatment will instantly calm and heal the skin
Medibac ClearingR650
Problematic skin types require extra care and specialized ingredients to address seriously evident concerns such as acne break outs, blackheads and irritated skin. Leaving the skin visibly disinfected, wonderfully alleviated and decongested
Dermalogica Customised Skin TreatmentR650
A Customised facial unique to your skin and its current needs.
Clear Start Teen Facial R380
The perfect treatment for girls and boys designed to treat teenage breakouts while also improving overall skin condition.
Add On Dermalogica Exfoliating Booster R100
Nimue Facials

Only Nimue products are used in our facial treatments. All our facials include a consultation and skin analysis and a massage during the facial.
Therapeutic R550
A relaxing treatment customised to the clients skin requirements. Suitable for all skin classifications.
Deep Cleanse R500
A deep cleansing facial treatment concentrating on extractions. A cleansing facial designed to keep skin clear of blackheads, breakouts and to brighten your complexion.
Youth Treatment R380
This purifying and balancing treatment is specifically for teens and pre- teens. Get smart on teen home care and a healthy skin care routine.
Active Rejuvenation R600
This specialized active skin rejuvenation treatment with 15% bio active complex is a potent, yet gentle active treatment that delivers superior results.
Collagen Eye Film R150
This eye mask enriched with collagen provides deep hydration, plumping,cooling and tightening benefits completely rejuvenating the eye area
7.5% TCA Peel R650
Bio- active complex in combination with 7.5%TCA facilitates deep exfoliation of the skin. Suitable for all skin classifications – (only in winter).
35% Glycolic Peel R625
The glycolic peel treatment provides controlled and predictable removal of skin cells thereby improving the texture and appearance of the skin. Ideal treatment for mature, dry and dehydrated skin.
High Frequency – 15mins
Environ Facials

Only Environ products are used and includes a free consultation and skin analysis and massage during facial.
Enhancing Vitamin Therapy
Indulge yourself with this luxurious hands-on treatment. Relaxing, calming, soothing and restoring your skin to its natural best!
Deep cleanse Vitamin Therapy
Acne Peel R595
TCA Peel R595
Environ DF Machine Facials

The environ DF machine is the worlds most effective and innovative device to deliver the most active ingredients to restore normal, healthy skin.
Youth Reset 60 min
Youth Reset 90 min
Moisture Boost 60 min
Moisture Boost 90 min
Comfort Calm 60 min
Comfort Calm 90 min
Radiace Reveal 60 min
Radiace Reveal 90 min
Created to purify, micro exfoliate and rehydrate your skin. Gently assists with acne, scarred and skin congestion.
Regim-A Facials
Only Regim-A products are used in facial treatments. We offer a free consultation, skin analysis and massage during the facial.
Hydrating Treatment R560
Myo-relaxing and hydrating ingredients are combined to achieve super suppleness and elasticity. Boto-like marine extracts diminish fine expression lines to give an instant lift
Deep Cleanse R500
Cleansing, exfoliation and antiseptic action. Includes sebum controllers and natural marine extracts to achieve a clear, smooth skin.
30% Power Peel R600
Suitable for all skin types. This treatment smoothed wrinkles,improves sun damage, eliminates and controls pigmentation and improves acne and acne scarring.
50% Power PeelR650
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